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Join a dynamic network of travel experts, including tour operators, cruise lines, travel tech innovators, guides, and consolidators. Our platform offers a host of benefits designed to help you succeed in the travel industry:

Networking Opportunities: Connect with travel professionals worldwide, from seasoned veterans to newcomers.

Promotional Tools: Showcase your unique services and products to a highly engaged and relevant audience.

Educational Updates: Stay informed with insights into the latest travel technologies and market trends.

Community Exchange: Share and receive expert advice and best practices from your peers.

Collaborative Partnerships: Discover and initiate collaborations that can help your business grow.

Easy Registration: Sign up in moments! Click "Register Now" and complete the questions. We welcome professionals from all areas of the travel trade to engage and enrich our discussions.

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Membership Eligibility:

Our platform is a vibrant hub for professionals from the global travel sector and those who support its growth. While we focus on Independent Travel Advisors, we welcome individuals and entities from all facets of the travel trade.

Specific Access: Certain sections of our platform are tailored for niche sectors within the travel industry, ensuring focused and relevant discussions. However, all members, regardless of their specific niche, can engage in our common areas designed for cross-sector interaction.

Roles We Welcome: Our community thrives on the diverse expertise within the travel sector. The following roles, among others, are integral to our network:

  • Home-based and office-based travel advisors/agents
  • Personnel from tour operators
  • Travel reservations staff
  • Members of national and regional tourism boards
  • Travel suppliers and their sales teams
  • Professionals specializing in travel recruitment, PR & representation
  • Legal and marketing experts with a travel specialization
  • Press members dedicated to the travel trade
  • Teams managing overseas resorts
  • Representatives from travel trade membership organizations
  • Organizers of travel-centric events
  • Professionals from hotel & resort sectors, covering sales, product, management, and marketing
  • Academics and lecturers in travel & tourism
  • Retirees from the travel domain
  • Individuals transitioning between travel roles

Additional Points of Interest:

Our Focus: While our name emphasizes Independent Travel Advisors, our community is enriched by a wide range of professionals, from tour operators to marketers and more.

Between Jobs? If you’re in transition between travel roles, you’re still a valued member of our community.

Retired Professionals: Your experience is invaluable. Though you may have stepped back from active roles, your insights remain priceless. We request that the confidentiality of shared information be maintained.

Approval Timeline: Guest registrations are processed instantly, and for specialized roles, we aim for a swift approval turnaround. If there are any issues or concerns, please respond to our initial communication or contact a community moderator.

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ITA Community Team

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